Eagles Youth Development Initiative was formed in 2002 by a group of young people  and  is a registered non -profit making organization, committed to empower  children,  adolescents and women in Uganda to  improve access to menstrual health education and products, sanitation and hygiene facilities among others. The year 2022, we  launched" The Period Pride campaign "  aims to support 10,000 girls and young women in hard to reach areas like Bussi Island, Uganda  with reusable pads, menstrual education and information.  Many  girls and women  in rural areas  do have limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure undermining the education opportunities, health and their social status thus limiting them to reach their full potential.   The are no  schools  based funded  or  underfunded menstrual  health education programs . ‎ Therefore,  we are mobilizing resources to save girls and young women on the Island for better tomorrow. With your  supp

Grants and Fundraising Intern

In this role you will be serving the EYDI resource mobilization team by assisting with fundraising and development efforts through grant writing, written proposal and identifying key donors. Some of the activities you will be performing with this internship include but not limited to: Assist in developing targeted messages to donors Identifying new funding opportunities Assisting with wring grants and proposals Research potential partnership Identify potential donors and creative funding avenues Requirements  Junior or Senior-Level undergraduate or graduate Excellent writing and research skills Skilled with Microsoft Office Suite Creative thinking and problem-solving Ability to collaborate and work independently  very organized and timely Email: or


  Sanitation related loss of productivity, such as missed workdays, costs some countries over 6% of their gross domestic product (GDP), thereby costing individual countries billions of dollars each year. COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for households already facing multiple hardships. Before the pandemic, the IMF estimated that 44% of low income developing countries were at high risk or in debt distress. The pandemic has put increased strain on ministries of finance and external debt service obligations and many countries have reached unpayable levels, even without consideration of the need for climate adaptation and resilience. Achieving universal access to basic hygiene and sanitation can unlock annualized net benefits of $45 billion and $65 billion respectively. Achieving universal access to safely managed sanitation might even result in annualized net benefits of $86 billion. In Uganda, Mothers walk for hours every day carrying heavy jerry cans, just to provide for basic


In June 2020 to date Eagles Youth Development Initiative partnership with Namulonge Health Center III and Religious institution in Busukuma Division has put collaborative efforts in community awareness on COVID-19 prevention through home visits and community radios to mobilize and educate communities on health guidelines and standard operating procedures in order to stay safe and stop the spread.  It was noted that given the disease dynamics due to physical contact and improper hands hygiene being the key mode of transmission. Using the Ministry of Health and World Health organization, EYDI has ensured preventive measures in place to have no further spreads of virus through P romoting proper hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;  Physical distancing of people; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, hand-shakes,  Encouraging communities to report any suspected cases through Ministry of Health hotlines including signs like sneezing, high temperatures, difficulty in brea


  Once upon a time, last year but one there came a dangerous killer disease called covid-19. It was said to have begun from China and to the rest of the world. It was a serious killing people without living young and the old. The disease is still there and the world is at stake because it taken away millions and millions of people COVID-19, COVID-19 What do you think you are? The virus led to lock-down of many countries likes Uganda. People lost their jobs because of COVID-19. We have got the ways of controlling you. You have an enemy called soap and sanitizer. These are the ways of controlling   Washing hands with clean water and soap   Wearing a face mask properly   Avoiding crowded places like lodges, restaurants and bars   Sanitizing with sanitizer   Maintaining social distance Therefore fellow learners you need to carry with you 2 or 3 masks, hankies and walk with your own sanitizer to prevent COVID-19 and other related infections. COVID-19 kills so practice these meth


Eagles Youth Development Initiative conduct BI-Monthly session and one of the practical session on making paper bags was  aimed at reducing girl's vulnerability to early marriage, alcohol and drug abuse during and beyond COVID-19 using 3R's waste management approach in Busukuma Division, Wakiso District, Uganda,East Africa.  We count you on to support us to replicate this work in hard to reach areas in Uganda  


  I I am Wanyenya, Patience, Ugandan age 13, Senior 1 at Katikamu SDA Secondary School, Gayaza branch, Secretary/member-Eagles Youth Development Initiative (EYDI)-Girls Ambassadors’ Club and my desire is to become a Doctor of Philosophy. Girls Ambassadors Club was formed after a peer learning session during COVID-19 school closure.   In one of the peer learning session we had a topic “LET US WORK TOGETHER” as it is said” One by one makes a bundle”, and   “Two heads are better than one”, And this calls for supporting each, being cooperative and working in organized series to achieve something productive. Girls working together is beneficial because enables them to acquire knowledge and different skills though sharing knowledge and experience, getting get friends who can build one’s capacity in different things.   Also promotes innovation and creativity skill because the all knowledge acquired is added to come up with one thing, creating opportunities for people to get jobs, guidan